martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Hours of happiness for Gaza children!

Associazione Culturale Mediterraneo
Via Nettuno, 1 – 98070 Acquedolci (Me)
Tel. 0941.730053- cell. 339.8599708

An appeal to artists:

Hours of happiness for Gaza children!”

Dear friends,

The AMC Cultural House, an ARCI club in Acquadolci (ME), is organizing a traveling collective exhibition/fair sustaining the project “Hours of Happiness for Gaza Children”. The project is in collaboration with Najdeh, the Gaza Association of Palestinian women. Najdeh works for female empowerment, helping them with job access, childcare, cultural centres and helping them to create cooperative enterprises and start projects in association with other international groups.

We are asking the artists who wish to participate with their personal expression in this collective exhibition to donate a work of art. The theme is open and the dimensions of the works should be no larger than cm 30 x 40 for drawings, paintings and photographs - cm 30 x 30 x H.40 for all other three dimensional works.

The traveling exhibition, in collaboration with ARCI and other local partners, is scheduled to begin in August 2016. It will open in Sicily and then continue throughout Italy in a long trip voicing solidarity with Gaza children. The donated works must be sent to: Casa delle Culture via Vittorio Emanuele II, 3/5 – 98070 Acquedolci (Me) by May 15, 2016 the Palestinian "Earth day".

All proceeds will go to financing long-distant adoptions of children from Gaza and all organizational costs will be fully paid for by the various promoters of international solidarity.

We have already received an original artwork by the Noble Prize winner for literature Dario Fo. Other works from prominent national and Arab artists are on their way.

For the over 20 events that will be scheduled in the next few years we are preparing a poster and an invitation with the names of all the artists who have participated in these events. We are already looking for sponsors to publish a catalogue.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us at the Casa delle Culture via Vittorio Emanuele II, 3/5 – 98070 Acquedolci (Me),
Telephone: 339.8599708 //0941.730053.

Best wishes,

Farid Adly

Ringraziamo Debora Strozier per la sua formidabile collaborazione. La forza del volontariato!

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